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We recently asked people to tell us the stupidest ways they have broken their computers..

My sophomore year of college, my roommate and I were making fun of Willow Smith's song “Whip My Hair”. I whipped a little too hard, and my laptop flew off my lap and crashed onto the floor. Not my proudest moment.

I dropped a hot bowl of mashed potatoes on my laptop keyboard. The keys all press themselves now. I put the laptop outside to try to save it by letting the ants eat the mashed potatoes, but the damage had already been done. The ants did a good job cleaning it out, though.

I was babysitting my cousin's son who was 3 or 4 at the time and had an obsession with cleaning EVERYTHING. Laptop was on the coffee table, glass of water on the end table. I left the room for no more than 3 minutes to use the bathroom. When I re-entered the room, it was already too late; he had dumped the whole glass of water on the laptop. I yelled, “Seth, NO!” and the poor kid burst into tears and said, “I just wanted it clean it for you!”

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Total everlasting blue with moon

Swank indifferent, the ancient meaning Cen stream, a lengthy melody of feelings, through the wind SONG Yu Tang cloister. Akimitsu moment, Cheng pulls much fondly, stillness and light ink Anja integration into the poem.

Amidst tease love, verdant You Find ORM, a pale blue dream, vivid blooming heart. Quality white, really pure, Rongrong moonlight tulle under the blue and white of a Que rhyme, Yong Yang millennium. A dream gentle drop Kam white, a court lock Qing Ji Jun heart, read this situation, circuitous immemorial. Xuan window quiet, the deeper the dew is heavy, one night into the Xiaoxiang, Xiaofeng moonlight secretly pondered. A blue and white dream pillow quiet, think thin fiber stroke, Kam book difficult final word, this cold earth, know who is the bosom friend!

Qingyong years, Heart bright you find ZMOT, some Fangfei ghost, mews Pathetic Troy wins snow of the year. In a case of plain white top, lay a long, paved the way for thousands of years, guarding a ray of incense lingers in the mind, only to be, flowers Allure. Smoke rising, sandalwood willowy, water moonlight tremble, reflecting you, for whom specific quiet cold waiting.

A tidal wind ripple in the wind SONG Yu Tang poetry, the distressed look like you frown Dishou pathos grad din hairstyle
. Ray former moonlight, rain fell on the river Ching Yang, startled heart rhyme ripples. Dip in a pool of blue ink, for your coloring, the Executive peach wine soaked ze law for you to write poetry. An endless open green rhyme dream language elegant, down a quiet lapel cotton and crazy.

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Memorials received no reply to this

Xining years, Liu Hang Road transport to any of Hebei. This year drought, Liu Hang On Deal inappropriate letter to five things: "The Emperor can not be easily lost in the world of the people Server Rack, should be multiplied by the time change, so people joy and was providence." so the request lifting Chongfu Palace, hired as Jing, phase two state governor. Song of the army expedition, Liu Hang shift known Shaanxi government. Then suddenly Xing Jun, the pay urgent supply magistrate commissioned officers as well as holding prisoners with reproof people, more people abandoned the fields of housing, some even committed suicide. Liu Hang but only levy made people as usual, things do well.

Liu was transferred to Sichuan Airlines. On father to Sichuan serving Sichuan Road, when the pregnant mother's side, crossing the cliff, rain first clear, because the shelf and slide, a stamp from a horse university innovations, Mrs. drop cliff. Zhongjie scared cry, no resurrection hope, try to make the next bird's-eye view, cliff abdominal giant tree Ge bud, Pan Qu Ying knot, such as cover, the product leaves the Commission, Mrs. sit on. Beck and call should, then put up with a rope,

but that did not hurt. Shortly after taking office, Liu Anshi out he was born. After more than ten years, ranking the capital, bitter Akame very evil eye overflow on the outside, many doctors have no way. Day guests have said: "I have a acquaintance to adjust officer services apartment hk, animal head very effective drug, yesterday is: 'has Bici, sooner or later, that line of' people try to find the" baggage was already out rooms, said Head medicine indeed, forget in a hurry in the trunk, open the first trunk, found the drugs. Order to drug Fu eye, quit seven square opening. A Fu pain lasts, and open eyes, and the eyes and good as ever.

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because he drank so much

At Tara, they ate rabbit and possum and catfish, if Pork was lucky. On other days a small amount of milk, hickory nuts, roasted acorns and yams. They were always hungry. To Scarlett it seemed that at every turn she met outstretched hands, pleading eyes. The sight of them drove her almost to madness, for she was as hungry as they.
 She ordered the calf killed,
because he drank so much of the precious milk, and that night everyone ate so much fresh veal all of them were ill. She knew that she should kill one of the shoats but she put it off from day to day, hoping to raise them to maturity. They were so small. There would be so little of them to eat if they were killed now and so much more if they could be saved a little longer. Nightly she debated with Melanie the advisability of sending Pork abroad on the horse with some greenbacks to try to buy food the beauty. But the fear that the horse might be captured and the money taken from Pork deterred them. They did not know where the Yankees were. They might be a thousand miles away or only across the river. Once, Scarlett, in desperation, started to ride out herself to search for food, but the hysterical outbursts of the whole family fearful of the Yankees made her abandon the plan.
 Pork foraged far, at times not coming home all night, and Scarlett did not ask him where he went. Sometimes he returned with game, sometimes with a few ears of corn, a bag of dried peas. Once he brought home a rooster which he said he found in the woods. The family ate it with relish but a sense of guilt, knowing very well Pork had stolen it, as he had stolen the peas and corn. One night soon after this, he tapped on Scarlett’s door long after the house was asleep and sheepishly exhibited a leg peppered with small shot university technology. As she bandaged it for him, he explained awkwardly that when attempting to get into a hen coop at Fayetteville, he had been discovered. Scarlett did not ask whose hen coop but patted Pork’s shoulder gently, tears in her eyes. Negroes were provoking sometimes and stupid and lazy, but there was loyalty in them that money couldn’t buy, a feeling of oneness with their white folks which made them risk their lives to keep food on the table.
 In other days Pork’s pilferings would have been a serious matter, probably calling for a whipping. In other days she would have been forced at least to reprimand him severely. “Always remember hong kong hotels, dear,” Ellen had said, “you are responsible for the moral as well as the physical welfare of the darkies God has entrusted to your care. You must realize that they are like children and must be guarded from themselves like children, and you must always set them a good example.”

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As far as the altar and no further

“Not really!”
 Scarlett digested this in silence, for she had never before been under the same roof with anyone who was not received. It was very exciting.
 “What did he do?”
 “Oh, Scarlett, he has the most terrible reputation. His name is Rhett Butler and he’s from Charleston and his folks are some of the nicest people there, but they won’t even speak to him. Caro Rhett told me about him last summer. He isn’t any kin to her family, but she knows all about him, everybody does. He was expelled from West Point. Imagine electric motor manufacturers! And for things too bad for Caro to know. And then there was that business about the girl he didn’t marry.”
 “Do tell me!”
 “Darling, don’t you know anything? Caro told me all about it last summer and her mama would die if she thought Caro even knew about it. Well, this Mr. Butler took a Charleston girl out buggy riding. I never did know who she was, but I’ve got my suspicions. She couldn’t have been very nice or she wouldn’t have gone out with him in the late afternoon without a chaperon. And, my dear Colocation Service, they stayed out nearly all night and walked home finally, saying the horse had run away and smashed the buggy and they had gotten lost in the woods. And guess what—”
 “I can’t guess. Tell me,” said Scarlett enthusiastically, hoping for the worst.
 “He refused to marry her the next day!”
 “Oh,” said Scarlett, her hopes dashed.
 “He said he hadn’t—er—done anything to her and he didn’t see why he should marry her. And, of course, her brother called him out, and Mr. Butler said he’d rather be shot than marry a stupid fool. And so they fought a duel and Mr. Butler shot the girl’s brother and he died, and Mr. Butler had to leave Charleston and now nobody receives him,” finished Cathleen triumphantly, and just in time, for Dilcey came back into the room to oversee the toilet of her charge.
 “Did she have a baby?” whispered Scarlett in Cathleen’s ear.
 Cathleen shook her head violently reenex. “But she was ruined just the same,” she hissed back.
 I wish I had gotten Ashley to compromise me, thought Scarlett suddenly. He’d be too much of a gentleman not to marry me. But somehow, unbidden, she had a feeling of respect for Rhett Butler for refusing to marry a girl who was a fool.
 Scarlett sat on a high rosewood ottoman, under the shade of a huge oak in the rear of the house, her flounces and ruffles billowing about her and two inches of green morocco slippers—all that a lady could show and still remain a lady—peeping from beneath them. She had scarcely touched plate in her hands and seven cavaliers about her. The barbecue had reached its peak and the warm air was full of laughter and talk, the click of silver on porcelain and the rich heavy smells of roasting meats and redolent gravies. Occasionally when the slight breeze veered, puffs of smoke from the long barbecue pits floated over the crowd and were greeted with squeals of mock dismay from the ladies and violent flappings of palmetto fans.
 Most of the young ladies were seated with partners on the long benches that faced the tables, but Scarlett, realizing that a girl has only two sides and only one man can sit on each of these sides, had elected to sit apart so she could gather about her as many men as possible.
 Under the arbor sat the married women, their dark dresses decorous notes in the surrounding color and gaiety. Matrons, regardless of their ages, always grouped together apart from the bright-eyed girls, beaux and laughter, for there were no married belles in the South. From Grandma Fontaine, who was belching frankly with the privilege of her age, to seventeen-year-old Alice Munroe, struggling against the nausea of a first pregnancy, they had their heads together in the endless genealogical and obstetrical discussions that made such gatherings very pleasant and instructive affairs.
 Casting contemptuous glances at them, Scarlett thought that they looked like a clump of fat crows. Married women never had any fun. It did not occur to her that if she married Ashley she would automatically be relegated to arbors and front parlors with staid matrons in dull silks, as staid and dull as they and not a part of the fun and frolicking. Like most girls, her imagination carried her just as far as the altar and no further. Besides, she was too unhappy now to pursue an abstraction.
 She dropped her eyes to her plate and nibbled daintily on a beaten biscuit with an elegance and an utter lack of appetite that would have won Mammy’s approval. For all that she had a superfluity of beaux, she had never been more miserable in her life. In some way that she could not understand, her plans of last night had failed utterly so far as Ashley was concerned. She had attracted other beaux by the dozens, but not Ashley, and all the fears of yesterday afternoon were sweeping back upon her, making her heart beat fast and then slow, and color flame and whiten in her cheeks.
 Ashley had made no attempt to join the circle about her, in fact she had not had a word alone with him since arriving, or even spoken to him since their first greeting. He had come forward to welcome her when she came into the back garden, but Melanie had been on his arm then, Melanie who hardly came up to his shoulder.

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